Newly opened brunch cafe in Bardejov, where we offer a pleasant space, delicious entertainment and an interesting program.

NETWORK Cafe offers a wide range of food and drinks, so why not spend time in a pleasant environment right in the center of Bardejov

NETWORK CAFE brunch & roastery - 1 TIME FOR YOURSELF
NETWORK CAFE brunch & roastery - 2 WORKING MEETINGS NETWORK CAFE brunch & roastery - 3 NETWORK CAFE SHOP

We care about Specialty Coffee, Good Food, Drinks and Good Atmosphere

SPECIALTY COFFEE from our roastery


Start your day with a tasty breakfast and recharge your batteries for the working day


All served with french fries or American potatoes


Classic Slovak and also modern seasonal cuisine in Bardejov


Special loose teas, hot chocolate, mulled wine

NETWORK CAFE brunch & roastery - 4

Refresh yourself with fresh, fresh and something sweet


Hot or iced, all from our specialty coffee roastery

What kind of coffee do you like?

Discover the taste of specialty coffee.

  • Caffé Latte

    2.50 €

    8g Espresso, Milk, Sugar
  • Cappuccino

    2.40 €

    8g Espresso, Milk, Sugar + flavor 0.40 €
  • Macchiato

    1.90 €

    8g Espresso, hot water, fresh milk
  • Espresso Lungo

    2.00 €

    8g Espresso, 60ml hot water
  • Espresso Doppio

    2.00 €

    2x8g - Double Espresso Force
  • Espresso

    1.80 €

    8g Espresso, 25ml-30ml hot water
  • Algerian coffee

    3.60 €

    8g Espresso, Milk, 4cl egg liqueur
  • Filter – Chemex

    3.60 €

    30g specialty coffee, 360ml-420ml hot water /93°C/
  • Filter V60, Kalita

    2.60 €

    17g specialty coffee, 230ml-250ml hot water /93°C/
  • Wiener Kaffee

    2.60 €

    8g Espresso, whipped cream
  • Marocchino

    2.40 €

    8g Espresso, Milk, Cocoa, Crushed nuts
  • Caffe Latte Macchiato

    2.80 €

    8g Espresso, hot water, fresh milk
  • Flat white

    2.50 €

    16g Espresso, hot water, fresh milk


Table reservations in the NETWORK CAFE BARDEJOV cafe are non-binding, we will inform you about the availability.


Check out our current drink list. Specialty coffee and hot drinks. Chemex, V60, Kalita, also Espresso, Cappuccino, Flat White or Americano


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